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LABORATORY TESTING The acoustic laboratories are operated by Norbert Gabriels, who is a fellow of the Australian Acoustical Society. Norbert is the chairman of the Australian Standard's
committee on architectural acoustics (AV/4), responsible for all Australian Standards relative to the performance, measurement and assessment of acoustics in
Acoustic Laboratories Australia Pty Ltd can offer the following acoustic testing services: Airborne Sound Reduction: Airborne sound reduction of walls, windows, doors, and other building elements in accordance with Australian Standard AS1191:2000
'Acoustics - Method for laboratory measurement of airborne sound transmission insulation of building elements' Including determination of: - Weighted Sound Reduction Indices Rw , Rw + Ctr: In accordance with AS/ISO 717.1:2004 'Acoustics - Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements Part 1: Airborne sound insulation'. Sound Absorption Coefficient: Sound absorption properties in accordance with Australian Standard AS/ISO 354-2006 'Acoustics Measurement of Sound Absorption in a Reverberation Room'. Including determination of: - Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient (αw): In accordance with AS /ISO 11654-2002 'Acoustics - Rating of sound absorption - Materials and systems'; and, - Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): In accordance with ASTM C423: 'Standard test method for sound absorption and sound absorption coefficients by the
reverberation room method
' 2002. Room-to-room Airborne Sound Insulation via Ceilings: Room-to-room airborne sound reduction between rooms via the ceiling void in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2499:2000 'Acoustics - Measurements of sound insulation in buildings and of buildings elements - Laboratory measurement of room-to-room airborne sound insulation of a suspended ceiling with a plenum above it'. Including determination of: - Weighted Suspended Ceiling Normalised Level Difference - Dn,c,w and, - Measurement of the Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) tested to ASTM E1414/E1414M-11A and determination of CAC in accordance with ASTM E413. Sound Power Determination: Sound power testing of equipment in accordance with ISO 3741:2010 'Acoustics - Determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources using sound pressure - Precision methods for reverberation test rooms'.